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European presence

The WILG Group’s European activities are represented by LEO Europe. This company was born from the idea that one can never conquer the European market without a degree of local presence and has been successfully committed to several essential values. The most important one remains exceptional product availability: all products can be delivered within days and are shipped across all of Europe quickly and seamlessly.

Remarkable quality

This is partly due to the fact that the service is organised Europe-wide. Should any issues arise, LEO Europe will deal with them immediately. The company is so thoroughly convinced of the quality of its product, that it takes full responsibility without hesitation. Its national distributors are absolved as a result: a remarkable form of added value that has persuaded many a partner to enter into a collaboration.

Bestuur – WILG

Forward-thinking and involved

Leading the world in research and development, China has become an almost indispensable player in the pump industry. The company’s future-oriented vision underlines the fact that LEO Europe is so much more than just another Chinese manufacturer. With production plans spanning the entire globe, the company is positioning itself as a global manufacturer. Always forward-thinking and involved, this manufacturer is on a relentless path of development and innovation.

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Responding to needs

Once the company has detected certain needs in the market, there is a realistic possibility that they will release a product to address those needs within 6 to 12 months. From product adjustments to even the smallest of packaging improvements: LEO Europe continuously works towards boosting their market value. This is just one reason why it remains one of the fastest growing companies in the WILG Group, and comfortably so: LEO Europe is committed to partnerships and helping anyone who crosses their path to achieve their goal.

Leo Europe
Leo Baekelandlaan 5209
3900 Pelt

+32 11 64 91 94

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