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Manufacturing is the foundation

You can only make a real impact on the market when you are at the foundation of your product and its realisation. With the unbridled drive to achieve even more in the pump industry, the WILG Group wanted to add a true manufacturer to its enterprises.

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Innovative global player

And so on 3 February 2021, the acquisition of Well Pumps Portugal was completed, following the acquisition of Well Pumps SA in Belgium. Who are they? A global player, making considerable investments to innovate the solar industry with Helios (a hybrid solar pump system). What are they achieving? Optimised efficiency when it comes to operating pumps with solar power through a patented operating system.

Bestuur – WILG

Energy-efficient and profitable

What is remarkable about this system, however, is that it doesn’t just stop consuming electricity once the sun sets. Contrary to other solar systems, all available solar power is depleted to the last percentage. Only then does the system switch to alternative power sources.

This means that all hours of the day, and especially during sunset and sunrise, are utilised twice as efficiently. The added value is clear: a respectable 50% efficiency improvement. For that reason, Well Pumps Portugal can now be deployed as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and is developing its unique control boxes for other manufacturers.

Bestuur – WILG
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Valuable stability

Well Pumps Portugal responds to the green tradition as decisively as possible with the alternative energy sources provided by the Helios solar pump systems. They are fully committed to energy-efficient, sustainable solutions and thereby constitute a valuable part of the WILG Group and its aspiration to create dynamic synergy at all times to increase market penetration in and around the Benelux and achieve more financial stability, higher margins and higher growth.

Well Pumps S.A.
Avenue de Lambusart 18
6220 Fleurus

+32 71 46 07 83

Well Pumps Portugal Lda.
Rua F, 10A
4480-624 Àrvore VCD

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