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Innovative products

The fact that Watertechniek Teunissen is active in all aspects of the market comes with many benefits. Most notably, an unparalleled understanding of their customers’ needs. Their small structure makes for close alignment with consumers, meaning they know their consumers’ needs better than anyone and are able to keep their finger on the pulse with innovative products.

Market leader in the
North-East of Belgium

The company works together with its target group to focus on solutions, day after day, in order to provide end-to-end solutions rather than individual components. Operating from two locations, Watertechniek Teunissen is a market-leading specialist in pump technology and irrigation system installations in the north-east of Belgium. The company generates the highest returns of all WILG subsidiaries.


Bestuur – WILG


Such reliability and profitability is a solid foundation for the continued expansion of the WILG Group. Online is becoming increasingly important in that regard: one of the first to offer pumps online eight years ago, Teunissen was a true pioneer in the industry. By investing in the digital platform and looking towards the future, the company continues to create room for growth and added value.

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Offline and online approach

Their leading e-commerce makes for a strong online presence but also helps them reach and inform a larger target group.  This boosts sales at physical sales locations, giving rise to some impressive synergy between their offline and online approach.

Watertechniek Teunissen Hasselt
Kiewitstraat 165
3500 Hasselt

+32 11 24 31 85

Watertechniek Teunissen Pelt
Leo Baekelandlaan 5209
3900 Pelt

+32 11 64 37 66

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