Specialist in water technology

As a (water) technology wholesaler, MPI specialises in pump technology, irrigation, pressure pipe systems and geothermal energy. The company owes its rapid growth to its high degree of accessibility. Cumbersome service is common in the industry, but MPI provides customers with direct, end-to-end support, and assisting customers in every way possible remains their top priority.

Local presence

With that business ethic in mind, MPI continues to invest heavily in its stock, resulting in an exceptional service level that exceeds 95%. On top of that, the company ensures a local presence by decentralising its own service department. This is how they continue to deliver on the urgent needs of both the industry and consumers with a unique and strong value proposition.

Bestuur – WILG

Listening to the customer

This is achieved with a sincere, personalised and far from brand-specific service. MPI makes a point of carefully qualifying each customer’s needs and supplying the best possible pump type and brand for their specific situation. After all, an application for agricultural or horticultural irrigation demands a different approach compared to an industrial application.

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Large central player

MPI’s target group mainly consists of the Benelux, with around 30% exports to surrounding countries. After all, their Arendonk branch is centrally located. As such, the company remains the largest independent pump distributor in the Benelux as well as the largest and most important player within the WILG Group. This should come as no surprise considering their broad distribution channel, huge sales market and brand awareness.

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